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Online CDS and Trading Account Application

Thank you for your interest in opening a CDS Account and Trading Account with M+ Online.

Here are some important items to take into account:


  • This online account opening application is valid for Cash Upfront Account and Islamic Cash Upfront Account only.
  • Complete the registration form accurately according to the instructions provided.
  • Please avoid using a Laptop or PC Webcam to take pictures of IC/Passport for Identity Verification 
  • Attach the required documents as per the conditions mentioned in the form:
    • IC/Passport
    • Bank Statement
  • If you have a preferred Dealer Representative, fill the code provided by your Dealer/Remisier in the designated "DR Code" Field.
  • Please take note that no Change of Dealer Representative is allowed for the first 6 months, upon successful account opening.
  • Complete the RM11.00 payment for the account opening fee.
    • RM 10.00 - CDS Account Opening Fee.
    • RM 1.00 - Admin charges.


The account opening application process may take up to two weeks, to ensure that the KYC process is properly done according to the stipulated regulatory requirements.